Lies, lies and more lies

Emscote Grove


“Any minister that brings me their proposal for cost savings that involves cutting the Frontline will be sent back to the drawing board”. Those were the infamous words of Prime Minister David Cameron, just before the General Election.

And now we see what he really meant. He meant that thousands fewer police will be on the streets in five years. He meant that hospitals, universities and councils all face severe cuts. What happened to protecting Sure Start? What happened to protecting tax credits?

Why do it Mr Cameron? The government has a chancellor in denial about his so-called plans. He has no plan for growth and no plan for jobs. He is fixated on getting a deficit down too quickly, not caring what damage it is doing. The government are a shambles. The Tories should never be allowed to govern again. Labour will fight for every job, every service and every community because Labour believe in one core value: Fairness.

T Stanley