Local Libs must share the blame


‘By three methods may we learn: First by reflection which is noblest, second by imitation, which is easiest and thirdly by experience, which is bitterest’ Confucius.

I’m wondering just how loud the whimpers of wounded protest from local Lib Dems like James Baker and Ashley Evans can grow? They’re upset that the local Labour group has decided that running Calderdale Council as a minority administration is more practical than working with them. Maybe they should ask themselves why? We found out as soon as the Lib Dems entered the national coalition that they don’t have the spine to stick to their guns. They instantly failed to keep their pledge on tuition fees and few will forget that broken promise. Once the results were in and parliament was “hung”, the Lib Dems made no attempt to keep any of their pledges. Lib Dems claim they are on the side of social justice. It’s shocking to see them support and defend policies that have seen 1 million extra children fall into poverty. Now we can see that the views Clegg held before the election were right! Austerity is the wrong choice. He knows it. The IMF knows it and has said so. We all know it. Three years of stagnation and inflation are squeezing everyone’s pockets. When they insist on defending this disastrous record local Lib Dems deserve the blame as much as national ones.

Anthony John Rutherford

Finkil St