Local people can now make a difference

Calder Grove


Local communities, charities and volunteers are often frustrated by decisions made by authorities and the government that seem not to understand the local need.

The new Localism Bill, going through Parliament could change all that. It will allow local people to make local decisions for the well-being of their area. Decisions about Planning and local groups and organisation running local services are just two examples.

In Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge this will mean that the Hebden Royd Town Council should be able to bring essential decision making closer to the people we serve. I have been on the Town Council for over 25 years and this change will lead to the most exciting times that I have known on the Council. It’s a good time for anyone who wants to make a difference to get involved and stand for the Council, either as an Independent or for one of the Parties. Information is available at the Town Hall, or contact me on 01422 881073.

Come and make a difference.

Christine Bampton-Smith

Liberal Democrat Councillor

Hebden Royd Town Council