Loose women can continue offending

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Shaw Street

Holywell Green

As families of Andy Gray and Richard Keys do their very best to defend the two numpties of Sky Sports for their misogynistic comments of females in general, the sympathies should surely lie with the female lineswoman Sian Massie.

The excuses bandied around that remarks of a sexist nature goes on all the time, and as a broad minded sportsperson I don’t deny that it does, but both Gray and Keys according to Sky employees and journalists, are both guilty of this. The details of their obnoxious remarks are well known by now with the clips being readily available to the public.

While not defending Gray and Keys, they are not alone in their sexist remarks and Jeremy Clarkson and his oafish mates also sail close to the wind on many occasions. Watching Loose Women and Jo Brand, remarks by these posturing females remind me also of two more arrogant sexist presenters, namely Jonathan Ross and the odious Russell Brand.

These bunch of females along with Ross and Brand are just as sexist, if not more so than Gray and Keys, and although Brand and Ross got slaps on the wrist, the females on Loose Women along with Jo Brand are allowed to continue offending the male gender.

So while ITV puts up with the female sexist rubbish, at least Sky Sports were prepared to do something about it. Whilst viewers are content to dance on the graves of Gray and Keys a clear out of the rubbish spouted by these sexist females would not go amiss in today’s PC society. As for Karen Brady, both Gray and Keys could not hold a candle to her and nor could to Jo Brand and the panellists on Loose Women. ‘Get a life girls’.

Donald Leach