Madness to waste cash on library move

With regards to Northgate House and our library that’s working perfectly well and in a perfectly well-built building that’s not only attractive both inside and out, accommodating other main council offices, employing a lot of staff, providing meaningful needs for the town and it’s people who are satisfied with its looks and use.

Why spend money we cannot afford to bulldoze Northgate House to build a Northgate House and library in some other badly-chosen spot where more bulldozing may be needed with more expense?

Leave Northgate House alone and build your cheap Primark in a place that needs no extensive work and makes more sense.

Councils throughout England are closing down services to the people and young and disabled because of Cameron’s cutbacks.

Keep Leeds Children’s Heart Hospital open with an injection of finance that you intend to spend on these ridiculous ideas; improvements that are unnecessary are being placed before the lives of our children.

What are you thinking? Millions on destruction and a cheap Primark when the kids are far more important.

If Northgate House is shut down and replaced and further expense of a new library elsewhere happens it’s stuck up madness and you need to get other jobs.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens