The Theatre Royal.
The Theatre Royal.
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Please, please do not destroy the lovely Victorian buildings of Halifax.

This building should be converted into a new hotel with the character and charm of the old theatre. Jamie Oliver has shown what lovely atmosphere can be had when taking over old buildings, in his case, former banks, and turning them into something new.

His Italian restaurants in Manchester and Leeds show how an old building can be adapted and enhanced with a new use.

Any decent hotel organisation would leap on such a wonderful building and give it new life.

By knocking it down and selling the land to build on it will only attract business with an eye on the short term rather than one who will want to live and invest in the town in the long term.

Jeni Wetton

Hebden Bridge

I noticed in the Courier that they are plans to pull down part of the Theatre Royal building. I think they shouldn’t pull any part of the building down, surely it can be preserved it’s a beautiful building and is part of Halifax town’s history.

The idea of making the building into a hotel is good but we really do need to keep our historical buildings. Why not change the new plans to fit the building a good architect would. Please preserve the Theatre Royal.

Mr Lee

Green deal to provide million jobs

The article written by Linda Riordan, (Courier: Talking Politics 01 June 2012), ‘Calderdale folk deserve much better’, was more interesting for what it did not say than what it said. 
Most of us can agree that the present austerity package being forced on us by the Tory/Lib Dem Government is having a disastrous effect all across the country. What Linda did not and could not say, as one of the few remaining socialists left in the Labour party, was how they would deal with the issue. This is because the Labour Party more or less agrees with the financial and economic orthodoxy as carried out by the Coalition Government. It was after all the Labour Government that bailed out the banks for a £trillion.
They nationalised the private debt of the banks so that the poor and those in work would have to bail out the one percent of the super rich. The Labour leadership have gone along with the massive quantitative easing of £325 billion given to the banks on top of the original bailout package. The intention of quantitative easing was to give the money to the banks so they would start lending to business again. This the banks have failed to do; preferring instead to use that money to buoy up the black holes in their accounts and to maintain high bankers’ bonuses.Ninety-nine percent of us have to put up with an austerity cuts package of £81 billion.
Why, when the Government see fit to give the bankers £325 billion? There is no need for those cuts – they are just an ideological attack on the welfare state. Much of that money the Green Party would have used restructuring our economy, from a carbon based one, to where renewable energy supplied the overwhelming bulk of our energy needs, from our own natural resources, without dependence on overseas oil and gas. We would set out on building more social housing to exacting standards, retro fitting every home in the country that needed it, for energy efficiency. Truly creating a public transport system that works. This Green New Deal would create a million jobs, creating many apprenticeships for young people in the new technologies of the 21st century. Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems offer only the same failed economic policies; banker bailouts, cuts for the most vulnerable and tax handouts to the super rich. There is more than just a plan A, there is plan G, the Green New Deal as espoused by the Green party.

Charles Gate,

Calderdale Green Party

At last, one sane voice speaks out

Any person that follows politics in the Courier will realise my disdain with the Europhiles. This includes most of our Lib Dem politicians but as Angela Merkel tries to take over all the European countries that are falling by the wayside over the Euro, at last one sane voice speaks out over this calamitous affair. This voice is Lord Owen, who resigned from the Labour front bench in 1972 over the Party’s opposition to membership of the common market and 9 years later left the party over the same issue. He was appointed Foreign Secretary before the age of 40 when he tried to save the Labour Party from extremists before leaving to set up the SDP. His intervention on Europe calling for a referendum on our relationship with the EU is critical. He can see what other pro-Europeans seem blind to. Merkel is so fixated on protecting Germany’s economy thru saving the Euro that she will do anything in her power to achieve that irrespective of the damage it will do to most of the other who countries who seem fazed by her powers. Remember Germany is the country that benefits most from the Euro, and if it fails then Germany’s manufacturing will become hugely overpriced. Whilst her approach to focus on austerity is fair, that cannot be the only solution and as many companies have learned, a frugal approach to cost must be coupled with investment to achieve profitable growth. I well remember back in the 1940s when Germany liked to dominate then, they lost the argument on that occasion also but no one would think so in the present circumstances. I would like to think that David Cameron thinks so too but his protection of our country at times seems to be put on a back burner when representing the British taxpayers. Such is the scale of the issue at the present time that leaders of Italy and Spain are willing to throw in the towel saying that they cannot cope with the pressures of the Euro membership. This maybe right in their present day positions but to abandon their democracy will do more harm than good. In December, Cameron showed a bit of backbone when he refused to let Britain be dragged into the fiscal pact backed by Germany, now he appear to be wavering by allowing others to go ahead with a more extensive treaty as the price to be paid for saving the Euro. David Cameron should immediately take up Lord Owen’s idea and pledge to the British people the choice of what comes next but if he fails in his duty of Prime Minister and reverses his stance from December, he will be the very opposite of a hero and will stand alongside another Tory Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath who also sold out his country.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green

Library debate round 3

After two debates where the votes were for retaining the old library and two petitions, which totalled over seventeen thousand Calderdale rate payers, Why are we having a third debate? Is it that the Lib/Lab Consortium, I apologise the Lab/Lib Consortium have again screwed the Calderdale rate payers again from having a vote without having further debate and spending thousands of pounds for Ipsos Mori  to legitimize what the Lab/Lib Consortium what they want and not what the rate payers want.At the last debate when it was over I had a conversation in the main hall, with the current Leader of the Council, Councillor Swift and I asked him where he stood on moving the old Library he told me “that he was not in favour of it being moved” I now ask him is he a man of his word or was it that the Council elections were imminent. 
Under ‘The Freedom of Information Act’ I would like to ask the Council exactly how much they have paid out already on plans, stationary, printing, meetings and  will be paying Ipsos Mori to send out questionnaires to a random sample of homes, I wonder how many of the seventeen thousand petitioners will receive them.
If Ipsos Mori do find that it is in the interest of the Calderdale rate payers to keep the Library where it is, what then are the Lab/Lib Consortium going to say the consensus was and decide to have another debate. What an utter debacle!

Stan Shaw

Sowerby Bridge

Council is losing a hard worker

In your first weekly edition, you reported that Councillor Keith Hutson, Warley Ward, had resigned from the Council for health reasons. The Conservative Group are sorry to hear this and regret that Calderdale Council is losing a hard-working and committed Member. Keith was well respected within our Group and we recognised his dedication to the Warley community. We wish him all the best.

Councillor Ann McAllister

Deputy Leader

Conservative Group


Join our 
save bees

I would like to ask your readers to support Calderdale Friends of the Earth’s campaign, The Bee Cause. We are collecting signed postcards to David Cameron, asking the government to develop a new National Bee Action Plan to halt the decline of Britains’ bees. This will look at how we farm our food, and plan our towns and cities to ensure we review the widespread use of pesticides and also provide plenty of wildlife areas to support bees with nectar and pollen rich plants. Sign up at or visit our stall at Todmorden Show on Saturday where we will be handing out free packets of wildflower seeds - we’ll be in the Incredible Edible tent.

Janice Frost

Calderdale FOE