Mailbag: Easy solution for market traders

'easy fix' Paint lines within which stall holders at Halifax Borough Market can  display their goods, suggests Mr White
'easy fix' Paint lines within which stall holders at Halifax Borough Market can display their goods, suggests Mr White

Mind the gap (Yoursay, May 24), stallholders warned? What a pedantic bunch of pompous bureaucrats the council pen-pushers are. 

Mr Nutter and other market traders have paid thousands upon thousands of pounds in rent and rates to our unscrupulous money-grabbing council.
Janis Hoyle has had products outside her stall for 40 plus years (without incident). Public Liability insurance should be sufficient if somebody (who needs spectacles) falls over a gigantic display. For God knows how many years Mr Crossley displayed large amounts of fruit and veg outside his stall (Under the Clock) without incident, but nothing was said to him (was he a special tenant?).
A Calderdale spokesman said, “We have great markets and we want to ensure they are safe and attractive”.
Poppycock! It’s several years since the market had new electronic doors fitted on some entrances and exits but not all. 
Why the delay in finishing this job? Councillor Carter said, “I’m not involved in operational decisions but understood the council stance”. Well Councillor Carter, if you are not involved then butt out.
An easy solution for all concerned is to paint around the stalls in the market with bright yellow paint, and then stallholders will be able to display goods outside their stall without incident.
Or is this solution too simple?

Mr S White

Halifax Road


A super service for pensioners

As a pensioner used to being ignored in shops I must point out the excellent service I received this week in Halifax and Calderdale from the following who went out of their way to please: 
Pacific Electronics, helpful and cheerful.
Fred Wade’s Bookshop, always outstanding, this time excelled themselves; and
Stainland Chemist Delivery Service, who went the extra mile.
Congratulations to all three in this Diamond Jubilee Year of our most celebrated OAP.

Cynthia Hand

Green Lane


Attitude is more important

With reference to the letter from the concerned resident and the possible closure of Elland Police Station.
After the answer I got regarding drug dealing close to two primary schools in North Halifax, it wouldn’t make a difference if every station were to close.
My answer: ‘know who it is, know car registration and times. Don’t intend doing anything about it.’ Apparently ‘not enough bodies on ground’. If that’s the attitude, sack the lot and start again. 
They earn a good wage and have had a damn good pension for a long time. Booing the Home Secretary at the Police Federation Conference won’t sway this government.
Name and address supplied

Smoking at the bus station

I have just looked up the word ‘perimeter’ in the dictionary. It means what I thought it did.
It’s just that when the nice man in the bus station is telling us that smoking is prohibited in all areas of the bus station, including the perimeter, I wouldn’t have expected to see anyone smoking on my approach the various bays.
I am assuming this rule does not apply to bus drivers.
Now I am not against smoking anywhere at any time, and certainly not outside.
But rules are rules and these drivers are within the perimeter of the bus station, especially Bay E, and also in the bottom corner.
If this nice man would like to take a walk round the bus station he is bound to encounter a smoker.
Do they not have reasonable breaks during their shift to enjoy a cigarette?

Mary Tordoff