Mailbag: Let us collect rain to beat the floods

Water collected in butts can be stored and then put to good use
Water collected in butts can be stored and then put to good use

I would like to suggest that it may be possible to assist flood prevention by installing rain collection facilities wherever possible.

I collect rain water from my roof into three water butts and the rain from my garage is diverted into my pond. One B&Q store uses rain water from its roof for flushing toilets. Golf courses and farms may be able to create storage facilities and use the water later. Swimming pools could collect water and utilize it in their operation. The Environment Agency would need to involved and advise us to release water before a deluge so that we have full capacity to collect water when the rain arrives. I have the capacity to divert or collect about 200 gallons of water. I estimate that there is the potential to collect over 10 million gallons of water in Calderdale. I have no idea if this would make a significant difference and will leave the Environment Agency to do the maths.

Barry Crossland

Elland Lane


We need a local team on stand-by

I have written to Councillor Rivron re “Flood-fighting” as follows:-
I hope to attend the meeting on flood problems which you are chairing in Todmorden Town Hall at 6pm on Thursday 26 July. I write now on topics that I can develop then as and when required. 
1) Nationally we need an emergency ‘hotline’ with a more memorable number than today’s 0845 988 1188, for public use and reports. 999 gets police, fire and ambulance; flood is a lesser threat to live so why not 888 to engage with local-empowered staff, 24 hours daily, 365 days per year?
2) Locally we need effective service-points; and since we rely on the Fire Service for pumping can this not be developed into “Fire and Flood” with the present Fire Stations as such points, and resources enhanced by us taxpayers?
3) Immediately we need to have an officer, eg, of the Environmental Agency or Calderdale Council, based here but with emergency cover and empowered to make on-the-spot decisions on matters including: a) overriding the automatic triggers of the warning sirens – need to be lowered to give earlier warnings; b) physical decisions on sluices; can river overflow be diverted into the canal, and have lock gates opened to send the surplus down towards or beyond Brighouse to contain it, where this is judged wise?; c) providing sandbags and other emergency protection on call.
4) Contact with MPs on needed national arrangements:- Above all we need local staff, in our own towns and not solely in larger ones, with powers as above and always on duty (as with fire, mountain-rescue, coastguard and lifeboat services) and sufficiently supported to deal with information from the public and to have decisions swiftly implemented.
5) Information to the public would build confidence and let people know how best to respond, eg, local map(s) showing sluices, triggers, possible diversions of water; and (above all) whom to contact, how and where! 
The network should be given an annual practice.

Frank McManus

Longfield Road


I will be switching channels

Regarding the forth coming 2012 Olympic games, and the great enthusiasm showed by many MPs, and the British people sitting glued to their TVs. May I ask will the same people and politicians, show the same enthusiasm, and question their state of mind, when the true cost of the 2012 Olympic games are announced. I like many normal people will change TV channels

Michael Allen


Will they accept the decision?

After three debates where the votes were for retaining the old library and two petitions, which totalled over seventeen thousand Calderdale rate payers, why is it after the last discussion that the Lib/Lab consortium when the votes at all the meetings were for library to remain where it is now, and we were promised that there would be another consultation that would take into consideration for all sections of the community, this would take place after the May elections! Now the elections are a thing of the past what has happened the Rate Payers have been conned again not by the Lib/Lab consortium but by the Lab/Lib consortium who will be spending thousands of pounds for Ipsos Mori to legitimise the Lab/Lib Consortium what they want to do with the library and not what the rate payers wants. I have a question to ask the leader of the Council, Councillor Swift and I asked him where he stood on moving the old library he told me that “he was not in favour of it being moved”. I now ask him is he a man of his word or not. Another question I would like to ask him is how much will the Council be paying Ipsos Mori to send out questionnaires to a random sample of homes, I wonder how many of the seventeen thousand petitioners will receive them, and would not this amount of money be better used on maintenance work to the Library we would then be saving money instead of wasting it. If Ipsos Mori find that it is in the interest of the Calderdale rate payers to keep the Library where it is, what then are the Lab/Lib Consortium going to accept it or have another consultation?  I doubt this would happen as I don’t believe in Father Christmas anymore!

Stan Shaw

Sowerby Bridge

Leave things as they are - we’re happy

How many times to our elected councillers need to be told-We Don’t Want the library moved! They seem hell bent on bulldozing the existing building which is cental and handy for the bus station. More shops! How many more to we need, half the shops are now only pound shops and some of those don’t seem to be doing a lot of trade. Nearly every time I go into Halifax more shops appear to have closed. They just don’t get it, we are happy with the library where it is. Leave things as they are.

MW Sykes

Spellbinding Festival was best ever

I would like to say a big Thank You to all those concerned for their effort and contribution to what is now the annual event of the year, Halifax Festival. 2012 was the best ever! From the enlightening walks, spellbinding talks, to the brilliantly artistic and cultural events and everything in between it was great! Not to mention the fun and abundance of hospitality. It was very professionally executed and goes to show we have some of the finest and most talented people in Halifax. Even the weather didn’t dampen their spirits. Looking forward to the next event; Please Sir, I want more, quoting Oliver!

Beryl Davies

Ban big prams from buses

Regarding John George of Rastrick’s letter, published July 6. I would like to make these comments regarding prams. Mr George doesn’t go far enough. My views are this, unless a pram folds down it shouldn’t be allowed on public transport. I was fortunate in the fact that when my two children were young the buses had conductors and assisted people with prams. I get the bus to Halifax and there is a lady who gets on with a pram, virtually the size of a mini. So the people sat down with zimmers and shopping baskets then, after all the shuffling about with OAPs, she gets off then everybody gets settled again. Then you get a bit further on and two more prams get on, usually with young mothers, so everyone has to move again. If one looks on the bus it does say wheelchairs not prams. First Bus should look into this problem. Most routes into Halifax are all downhill. Why don’t they push the pram into town, walking. The other solution is this – First Bus should supply buggy buses, or cattle wagons. If your pram doesn’t fold down you catch one of these. Say they run every hour for prams only, no other passengers. Even bus drivers don’t like it. But remember pensioners you don’t have to move.

Name supplied

Watkinson Road


Turbine turmoil support

We would like to offer our gratitude to the residents of Calderdale and outlying areas through your news paper for their huge offer of support for our campaign to prevent a 276 feet high wind turbine from being erected at Cold Edge, Wainstalls. A massive 1375 letters of objection were lodged with Calderdale Council Planning Department to express concern about the proposed installation of this huge turbine which was to be situated amidst the existing homesteads some of which date back over 200 years. The structure would have towered above the skyline larger than the existing Ovenden turbines. There has been much debate of late regarding the true carbon footprint of many green energy’s including windmills. Our campaign was not based upon individuals views on wind turbines but was it acceptable to impose such a large noisy structure amidst a thriving community. We were heartened to discover that almost 1400 members of the electorate supported us in our view. Thank you all once again.

From the local residents of Cold Edge