Make the town precincts safer

In response to Dave Brown’s letter (Your say, November 18) regarding pedestrian precincts in Halifax town centre.

I to had a letter published in ‘Your say’ on April 9, regarding the same issued of pedestrians’ safety in these nominated areas.

Clearly marked ‘pedestrian’, all showing a red circle with both car and motorbikes within, which means no cars or bikes.

Previous to my letter being published 7 months have passed and nothing has been done. The matter was passed to Sergeant Boyd of Halifax Traffic Police whom I telephoned regarding the problem.

He stated he was aware of the situation; there was going to be a blitz on the offenders, bringing in a PC to assist regular police in carrying out this exercise.

As stated in my previous letter a minimum fine of £60 for offenders and penalty points on licences, also do number plate and insurance checks. If a vehicle has the wrong or incorrect documentation it should be seized.

If Halifax Traffic can operate on bus lanes (on Huddersfield Road) and assist DSS, for example, outside the Ovenden Cross I’m sure they could protect the shoppers of Halifax, after all they do pay your wages.

So come on Sgt Boyd, get your finger out and do the job you’re paid to do.

W J Irving

Watkinson Road