Making life impossible for the old

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank our elected Council for meeting behind closed doors and deciding to make life impossible for the older and disabled people of Halifax.

The new setting for the library means that access will be denied to a good percentage of the population, who by the way, elected said Council in the hope their wishes would be carried out. These wishes included the library staying where it is.

To move it down to the far end of town means that many will be unable to visit, unable to get books and/or tapes, which surely negates the idea of a library being accessible to everyone.

At the moment parking is available (sometimes) but even if a large carpark is built close to the new buildings it does not mean that everyone can drive to it.

It seems to me that the Council have, at one fell swoop, going to make life very miserable for a lot of people.

Yes jobs will be made available by the new development but please remember, it is not just the youger generations who put money into the economy and if it is made impossible to get to the (almost) out of town shops and facilities, they will not make money, thus creating another empty area in which was a vital, viable town.

Ann Coles