Many flaws in the claims on pensions

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I don’t like picking holes in other people’s letters but there are so many flaws in Tom Lees’s letter (yoursay Courier Friday March 30) that they just had to be corrected.

First, the basic pension will rise for year 2012/3, in precise terms, by £5.30, not £5.60 as he states.

Then, his table showing personal allowances is incorrect for the current year and for 2013-14 as far as it affects existing pensioners as follows.

Age 2012-13 2013-14

65-74 £10500 (Not £9940))

75+ £10660 (Not £10090)

These errors are then repeated in his next paragraph which also incorrectly states that “these age allowances will start to go up when the allowance for those under 65 catches up, which will be around 2014”.

This is completely wrong, in that for next year (2013-14) it is the under 65’s whose allowances will rise (from £8105 to £9205) whilst the allowances for OAPs will be frozen at the 2012/3 rates!

He also states that the personal allowances is not rising this year, when in fact all allowances rose, both for those under 65 and also the age related allowances for pensioners.

These are as shown in the above table. Finally, and I hope Mr Lees will forgive me for this but I had to laugh when I read his final sentence which stated “I hope this helps to clarify what’s happening”!

Harry Thompson,

20 Willow Drive,

Burnley Road.