Mary, visit Brighouse and Halifax please

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Westfield Avenue


I welcome the news that the Government has signed up Mary Portas to look at our failing town centres.

Please can you use your influence and get her to visit Halifax and Brighouse and give us her honest opinion on the state of our shopping experience.

In Halifax we have so many wasted assets and we seem to be going down the road of homogeneity with the modern day carbuncles surrounding our architectural gem the Town Hall, looks to me as if our hidden gems will disappear in a flood of modernity.

For years successive councils have used these gems as milche cows with a continuing failure to invest in the fabric of these buildings, resulting in the sell off of the buildings to developers who seem to have carried on this ‘no investment’ in our town centre that council policy followed.

We seem to follow this dogged rule that car parking charges must always go up, another reason for shoppers to stay away or have less money to spend in the shops. Any chance of a 2 hour free parking period?

Yes that’s what supermarkets offer; so why should our town centre retailers have to battle with one hand tied behind their backs by our local authority?

However I welcome the possible re-opening of the Industrial Museum, we must be the only town in the country that can close down an award winning facility!

I remember discussing this failure by our council with the late Fred Dibner on his visit to Halifax during my tenure as Mayor of Calderdale, his comments were vintage Fred.

Chris O’Connor