Meeting showed no interest in petition

Re your article September 22 - Shed approval at Swales moor site.

First of all it is mainly animal innards not food waste.

The meeting was a farce, many residents turned up who are badly affected by this company. But during the entire meeting only one resident was allowed to give a five minute speech the rest of us were asked to be silent, yet the Leo group’s representative and several councillors rattled on and on about the advantages of this company.

They seemed to take no interest at all in our petition and showed little interest in the history of spillages.

How can a company that some time find it difficult to get the material safely on sit be expected to get it safely into a shed?

Opposition to this company is massive not only because of the stink of the heavy lorries that thunder through our village day and night but to the stench that emanates from the site and to the use of green belt land.

I believe this is not just a replacement of burnt down buildings but an expansion in order to accommodate more and more waste from further and further afield.

Beryl Robinson

West End


The Council should have been forced to look at alternative routes for these lorries, but chose not to. Why?

Calderdale Council may have done more if the majority of the smelly lorries travelled through it’s own areas of Boothtown, Shelf, Northowram, Illingworth and Ogden.

No wonder the council just wants to ignore the problem. Queensbury residents do not think anyone should have to suffer these horrendous odours 24/7/365!

Linda Salsbury