Miliband – he’s the face of the unions

Shaw Street

Holywell Green

The spectacular hypocrisy of the Labour left wing was in full display at the recent march against cuts.

In a free society the expression of political desent must always be permitted but the appearance of Red Ed Miliband, son of a Marxist father and more left wing than either Blair or Brown, does not bode well for a man who hopes to become a future Prime Minister.

As for his speech, when he compared the march’s cause to that of the suffragettes, the anti-apartheid and US civil rights movements does nothing for folks protesting in an orderly manner. Miliband is nothing more than a face for the unions and in particular the face of hard line boss of Unite Len McClusky who hailed last year’s student rioters the vanguard of resistance.

Harriet Harman and Ed Balls gave their full fronted support for the march, once again highlighting further that Labour under Miliband is entirely in hock to the Unions.

Let us not forget that the trio of Miliband, Balls and Harman along with Brown were responsible and in charge for Britain’s biggest deficit in modern history.

They can spout all they want but until this Shadow Union Labour government develops some answers of its own, the British public will continue to mistrust them. Most of the protesters continue to protest peacefully but once again the middle class of protest group UK uncut should be charged with aggravated trespassing in Fortum & Masons during that Saturday’s violence.

This invasion was once again masterminded by UK uncut, whose leader Thom Costello is a 22 year old Oxford graduate whose middle class background would suggest that he might be more at home as a customer of the same store than organising the unruly mob attack.

The sooner Marxist Red Ed and his union bosses come to realise that in the real world our current government had little choices to make after the mess they inherited and if you require further proof remember the words of Liam Byrne former Works and Pensions Secretary who said ‘there is no money left in the pot’.

Donald Leach