Mixenden projects protected

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Savile Park


Heather Terry’s latest letter bears about as much resemblance to reality as the photograph which the “Courier” picked to illustrate it (Your Say, May 13).

The building shown was not Mixenden post office. It was a dangerous ruin which Labour councillors got demolished months ago.

Just for the record, may I also make it clear:

The post office has been kept open, despite the retirement of its long-serving postmaster;

Ash Green School serves the entire Mixenden community. Its upper-site extension will not require council funding;

The Mixenden “hub” will be financed mainly by Pennine Housing. It is being progressed by a small project team, not a staff of “nineteen”.

In addition, Mixenden children’s centre, Mixenden library, Mixenden parents’ centre and the Mixenden Initiative have all been protected from the government’s spending cuts.

Coun Barry Collins