Mobile phones behind the wheel must be stopped

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Myrtle Drive

Illingworth, Halifax

How right Sarah Kelly was to highlight the illegal use of mobile phones (Courier, March 9).

The road safety team say 12 out of every 100 drivers were spotted using their mobile phones whilst driving. As a local driver using the town centre and local Halifax roads I can honestly say this number is much higher. There are also the drivers who just pull over without thinking when their mobile phone rings (this is just as dangerous). If you are caught drink-driving you are automatically banned. If you are caught speeding or using a mobile or have bald tyres or other defects on your car you are only given a measly 3 points and a small fine. It is time the courts/judiciary system realised if you are using a mobile and cause a death you are charged with causing death by dangerous driving (don’t let this happen).

It takes four minor point offences to get a ban. If you are caught using a mobile phone whilst driving the penalty should be so severe only an idiot would risk doing it once, let alone twice. First offence should be a least ten points and a £200 fine; second offence unlimited fine and disqualification.

The number of wagon drivers, bus and taxi drivers I have seen texting and talking on mobile phones is unbelievable. They should be banned immediately. Why not use video evidence? Most buses/taxis have videos and there is a lot of cctv cameras about. Stop this mobile phone madness before it’s too late.

Steve Webster