Money can be put to more important use

Vegal Crescent



In reply to your dilemma regarding spending fifteen million pounds of tax payers’ money on renovating Northgate House, why not use one of the many buildings lying empty around Halifax?

Lots of local businesses would like one but as rates are so high they have no chance to be central for business.

Another good, sensible idea would be if you ever contemplate a new build why not choose a (local) master builder and an architect with good sense? Create a building that will stand the test of years and years – one hundred plus. You know, like the ones that were built in the good old days, and yes, I do remember the good old days. So I beg you, on behalf of myself and thousands more rate payers, be sensible and spend it on things that are really important to Halifax, and all tax payers.

Mrs Yvonne Whelan