More facts on beautiful statue


On Sunday, it was a privilege for four friends and myself to visit St Jude’s church and marvel at the beautiful statue by Jocelyn Horner.

Thank you Halifax Courier for the comprehensive coverage of Halifax’s only sculptor who we should all feel very proud of. There were, however, a few facts missing.
1) That the maquette (a small sculpture of the finished sculpture) of the Bronte sisters, now at the Parsonage in Haworth, is in the Bankfield Museum at Boothtown.
2) Jocelyn Horner was the granddaughter of Charles Horner. Many older Halifax people will have worked at his factory making jewellery which now has a deservingly world wide reputation and commands top prices whenever it comes up for auction. Many people who have a sewing box will still have a ‘Dorcas’ thimble in it which was patented by Charles Horner himself to prevent users from injuring themselves, the silver being a durable metal. Bankfield Museum has a limited stock of the book “Charles Horner of Halifax, a celebration of his life and times” by Tom J Lawson. It is available on the internet and the contents are credited to Calderdale MBC, Bankfield Museum. There is an article about Jocelyn and says she “may have designed some of the products” according to ex-employees. The factory building still stands at Mile Cross in Halifax.
3) Thanks are also due to two councillors who gave up much of their time to find the statue and also a place to put it. Both wish to remain anonymous but I wish to thank them.

P Porteuss

Manor Drive