More for the rich, less for the poor

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If just two things explicitly mark out what the coalition Government is about, they are the bedroom tax and George Osborne’s defence of bankers’ bonuses.

On the one hand, we have the poor (including the working poor) who didn’t create the financial crisis, who are being blamed by the Government as somehow responsible for an economic crisis that the bankers created. On the other hand Osborne and Co still think that bankers who crashed banks around the world, cheated through Libor, PPI and laundered drug money are somehow still entitled to huge bonuses.
This Government is happy to see countless people forced from their family homes for the crime of being poor, yet those people who actually did criminal things are to be rewarded with ever more piles of money.
Green MP Caroline Lucas said in the Parliamentary debate on the bedroom tax, ‘The Government try to justify these cuts on the grounds that they are “making work pay”, but when Ministers use that phrase, it is really a code for punishing people for being poor’, and ‘There will be a potential push to move people from social housing to different sized private sector accommodation, which does not have the same security of tenure and could cost more.
‘What the Government should be doing is massively increasing the supply of affordable, sustainable, decent homes and legislating to allow for far greater security of tenure, which would go some way to holding rents down. The bottom line is that the Government must stop relying on the profit motive to supply housing for people who are poor; it will take time, but we absolutely need to fund a real programme of sustainable mass council housing.’
Calderdale Greens urge people to attend the Protest Against the Bedroom Tax on March 23, outside Halifax Town Hall at 1pm.

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