More questions than answers

Copley Lane Copley Halifax

Where are the benefits to the community?

I feel that we must ask this question – are GenR8 and their preferred partner, Calderdale MBC, promising more jobs than can be delivered in order to secure planning permission for a new out-of-town retail/industrial “park” in the Copley valley?

Communities should not be left at the mercy of big developers, using the economic crisis as a way of forcing through plans which will have a devastating effect on the environment.

How many jobs may also be LOST in Sowerby Bridge as a direct result of the developments?

How much more traffic misery and respiratory illness will be caused? Surely the additional problems that will be caused massively outweigh any financial gain to GenR8 and its preferred partner, Calderdale Council? Where is the benefit to the community and Council Taxpayers?

Once the sanctuary of “Fantasy Island” has been reached by hotel guests, residents, workers, et al, the temptation must be to use the shops, cafes, restaurants, etc, on the actual site, rather than venturing out to tackle the already horrendous traffic situation on the surrounding roads.

It would appear that Calderdale Council are creating a new, self-contained village at “Fantasy Island”.

A bigger question that needs to be asked here is “Who will this benefit”? Certainly, it will benefit the developers, since they appear to have been provided with a very generous agreement by their preferred partner, Calderdale MBC.

There are more questions than answers to this puzzle.

The answers, it would appear, are known only to Calderdale Council and to GenR8.

Steven Whipp