More use of woodland is the answer

IF DOG walkers were to prefer woods to parks and play areas, much of the problem of dog fouling could be solved, in that by law, dog muck does not have to be removed from woodland. Here, burial, away from the paths, is the solution. Carrying a trowel only, is easier than carrying a pooper-scooper, and bags, and carrying the full bags away.

This isn’t feasible in areas of little woodland, or where the ground is hard or in some areas, by-laws exist.

But in Calderdale, there are many accessible woods near parks, play areas and the canal, with areas of soft soil where dog muck can be buried without it even touching the trowel. Removal from public areas always leaves a trace, which is still a health hazard, as is carrying bags of dog muck around.

Stephen Priest

Kings Mill Lane