Mother Earth will bite back

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Rochdale Road



Yet again we wake up to the dreadful news of another major disaster, and all the questions being asked by peoples of the world, why has this happened again, what is causing such havoc and misery in the world?

Maybe the world leaders should be answering these questions. Do they not realise that over many years of wars and bombing of the earth, and the testing of many thousands of tons of nuclear devices both in the atmosphere and under the earth’s surface, there would not be any major damage caused to our planet.

The same thing applies to the melting of the icecaps and global warming. I believe that global warming etc, is not caused by ordinary human habits, but by the appalling greed for power and supremacy of political major powers. They seem hell bent in destroying the earth and its resources.

No nation or power on earth is more dangerous than mother nature.

That is one power they will never overcome, so wake up world before you cause irreparable damage.

Mike Scott