MP gave reasonable explanation

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Re An MP under Fire - Halifax Courier 26/10/12 - This article was spread across pages 8 and 9 with a report of a very reasonable explanation being given by Linda Riordan on page 9.

Despite this the inference of your introduction is very critical and the opinions that you have printed of several Halifax people are damming. The impression is that they were primed by a reporter but denied Linda’s explanation.

The initial flood of comments to your website must certainly have preceded the details that she gave the following Monday. This smacks of really bad journalism.

Making a sensation of an allegation without gathering essential information first (and in this case, considering whether there were any viable alternative courses of action) is bad enough but you have gone a stage further than this.

You continue to sensationalise even though you print a reasonable defence and support the drama with third party opinions obtained without access to this defense. This is not only bias and unfair but is insulting to our MP and embarrassing to those poor people who you not only interviewed but photographed as well.

Dr Andrew Simmons