MP should make better use of his Talking Politics voice

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Conservative MP Craig Whittaker used his opportunity to address readers in Talking Politics, to make the facile point that as people we are more interested in animal welfare than Child welfare /protection.

The basis of this flaccid argument is the number of communications he receives from constituents. I am unclear as to what purpose he feels would be served by writing to an MP to express concern about the current debate around predatory paedophiles being present in high profile media roles. Talking Politics was a missed opportunity for Mr Whittaker to inform readers of his views on any number of serious issues. He instead chose to belittle constituents who have contacted him regarding animal welfare issues. 
Mr Whittaker took this course of action when Parliamentary time was made for MPs to debate the badger cull. The motion to stop the cull was passed by 147 votes to just 28. The environment secretary, Owen Paterson was present for 20 minutes of the 5 hour debate. Mark Jones of The Humane Society International said “Surely now the government must listen to the will of parliament and abandon the policy for good…and stop wasting time and money on a politically motivated badger cull”. Mr Whittaker has not responded to my requests to him to provide information on what specific scientific and financial evidence he bases his support for the government’s intention to continue the cull.

Mr P Hanson

Silverdale Terrace