Mr Clegg makes a miserable little u-turn

Raw Lane


George Simpson, in his letter (Your say, April 9), tells us that only a few countries in the world - Australia included - use the alternative vote system, and reminds us that Nick Clegg, when in opposition, said that AV was nothing but ‘a miserable little compromise’.

In hindsight, many folk would use this very term to describe ‘Old Nick’ Clegg himself, and feel justifiably pleased with themselves for having done so. And the fact that ‘Cleggy’ (a man about as Yorkshire as a kangaroo) has decided to once again say the opposite, while in power, as opposed to what he said during his years in the wilderness, will surprise no one but Mr Clegg himself.

But, all things considered, surely the idea of giving the Liberals a chance of staying on in a state of permanent coalition would not be as bad as what Mr Simpson seems to think it might be. After all, who would have preferred a period of unchecked and unopposed Tory rule, rather than the more balanced outcome that we have seen so far from this coalition? In a situation where the contribution from Mr Milliband and his political party is of little to no relevance, it is far better to have a rival party of some relevance working from the inside out, rather than joining Labour in throwing cabbages from the safety of the political fence.

Had the liberals been in coalition with Labour during the years of milk and honey, then surely we would have been left with a bit more than just empty cupboards and the best educated road sweepers in the history of western civilisation.

V Hodgkiss