My theory on Pit Bull owners ...

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Keighley road


After reading William Marshall’s column regarding the Cat Beast in Calderdale (Courier, 18 February), I was interested in William’s comments that Pit Bull terrier owners tended to be shaven-headed and heavily tattooed.

I must confess that I have not seen any of these women taking their pets for walkies recently.

What I have noticed, however, is that some Pit Bull owners tend to be male and from the bearded lefty tribes.

Others fall into roughly 3 main categories:

1. Weird beards

Either bald or long-haired, full beard, unkempt, resembling tramps, tend to hide behind the growth and a baseball cap.

2. Manicured beards (aka, serial-killer beards)

Tough looking. Considered by themselves to be intelligent. Dismissive of other genres. Best avoided.

3. Nerdy/geek beards

Harmless, generally. But may consist of elements of groups 1 and 2. Usually interested in technology, photography, train spotting and girls (from a distance).

I would be interested in William’s observations of the above.

I remain your, at the moment, clean-shaven, un-tattooed reader, still in awe of the psychoanalysis of dog walkers.

With apologies to any young, fashionable guys with three days’ stubble, who I cannot categorise as I tend to look like that myself about mid-week.

David Rothery