Nasty shocks in store

Jubilee Road Siddal Halifax

Further to your headline "A kick in the petrol tank" (Courier, 6 January) I think there will be some nasty shocks at the supermarkets when it will be seen prices have gone up much more than can be accounted for by the rise in VAT.

Just as at the time of the unnecessary decimalisation of our money, opportunity was taken and will be taken now to unburden the ordinary people of their wealth! A time to abandon greedy supermarkets and shop locally I think.

Some years ago, in the Borough Market, I overhead an elderly lady bemoan the rapidly rising prices and say it was no wonder because 140 pence had been taken out of every pound.

I had allowed myself to be conned into believing government propaganda that decimalisation wouldn't make any difference to prices.

This despite the fact that one week the price of a lettuce was 6d (old money] and the week of decimalisation the same item cost 6p. A rise of 240 per cent.

Any price rise now must be 240 times more than was possible with the much superior LSD money system.

It was recently that I read this viewpoint and your headline reminded me of these unfortunate facts with which we are now lumbered, not forgetting we now have people who are otherwise quite intelligent, but can't add up withouth the dubious assistance of an electronic gizmo!

Graham N Rigby