National libraries day protest chance

As the arguments continue about the future of our Calderdale Central Library and Archive, we are frequently approached by angry members of the public who want to know what they can do to stop the present facilities being bulldozed.

They have filled in meaningless questionnaires; written to councillors; written to council officers; written to MPs; written to YourSay . . . but frustration just grows that nothing anybody says seems to have any influence on the single-minded views of the Calderdale Cabinet.

So what else could we try? Saturday February 4 is National Libraries Day and we plan to organise a gathering of supporters outside the Calderdale Central Library to demonstrate our support for libraries generally, but also to try to convince our leaders that we do not want to see our Library bulldozed to make way for more retail development. The event will start from around 10.30am and we will be joined by Linda Riordan MP at 11.00am.

It’s been suggested that we attempt to run another petition, but gathering 16,000+ signatures was a massive exercise, carried out over several weeks in summer weather – not the middle of winter.

Instead, we’re going to hold a 2 hour petition – how many signatures can we gather from 10.30am to 12.30pm on 4 February? If you can help, please join us. If you don’t see any need for a new Library, please meet us at the Library and sign the petition.

Remember – Saturday February 4, 10-30am to 12-30pm Calderdale (and National) Libraries Day!

Anne Kirker

DBOL Coordinator