NATO alliance is effectively ineffective!

Raw Lane


I never believed I would ever even consider this notion, but (here goes), perhaps Tony Blair knew something the rest of us didn’t when he chose to go behind the backs of NATO and launch an attack on the corrupt regime of Saddam Hussain.

You can argue about the reasons for that military campaign and his unwholesome alliance with Bush Junior, but now we are in a position where swift and decisive action is needed against a man who openly wages war on his own civilians, it has become increasingly visible just how effectively ineffective this NATO alliance really is.

We have a situation where the few countries who have both the will and the fire-power to get the job finished are being hampered by a cabal of clapped-out nations who no longer have the capacity to make a worthwhile contribution, and the more pacifist nations who would roll over and offer their bellies to Gadaffi if he threatened to do so much as drop a tin-foil sweetie wrapper on the streets of their spotless countries.

Is it any wonder that the likes of William Hague; President Obama; and President Sarkozy look so damned weary with the whole affair? It’s like watching the workings of the European Union, but through a microscope - the whole mess looks even worse than it ever did to the naked eye.

The preferred tactic of many of these nations ie, drop a few bombs and scarper, didn’t work when Bush Senior tried it on Iraq; and it won’t work on Libya.

Gadaffi still believes that he is the centre of the know universe and needs removing from power whether by fair means or foul; and the triple alliance of the willing just need to choose the moment with extreme caution.

A good time would be when the rest of the NATO gang have gone into town to have their nails manicured.

V Hodgkiss