Negative maybe - but true

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Ashley Evans picks out five people who write to the paper in support of nearly 20,000 more negative thinking rate payers who are in agreement with the five you have mentioned.

They have put their signature and postcodes to three different petitions, also a number of them have attended the discussion in the town hall and when it came to a vote at the end of the meetings it was voted that the CL&A remains where it is. It seems to me that you are insinuating that 20,000 rate payers are negative thinkers by signing what they want? You say later on in your letter that the council are responding to a representative sample of all people of Calderdale. I take it you mean the Ipsos Mori response form which you think is representative of what the whole of Calderdale wants, I think not. They posted 5,000 forms to a select section and the council told the rest of the rate payers to collect theirs at the CL&A. This was what you got for £57,000 of rate payers’ money. Of the 5,000 forms that were sent out, 1,498 were returned. I say this is even less representative of the Calderdale rate payers and a very costly one. Continuing on costs so far the council have been very conservative with what the new library will cost! I am informed that it will be £17.5m and is going to be funded by prudential borrowing at a cost of £700,000 per year for 25years. So we the rate payers have a £700,000 burden round our necks for 25years. The other thing is who will be paying for the demolition to Northgate House and CL&A? What are the council going to charge the buyers for the site? Is it going to be £2 like Broad Street Plaza or a substantial premium rate plus a substantial rating for a prime town centre site?

Stan Shaw