New design of the tip is a total waste of time

AFTER reading letters (Your say, Courier) regarding the refurbishment of our recycling plant at Lee Bridge, I had the unfortunate task of clearing out my garage and taking my rubbish down.

I wish I’d have stuck to going to the recycling plant at Ambler Thorn, Queensbury.

Lee Bridge recycling plant has been closed for over six months for refurbishment and to make it easier and safer to recycle.

Well all I can say is whoever designed the new site should now be looking for a new job. One lane in, queuing for ages, a total waste of money.

No incentive to recycle.

Did the people who devised/designed this waste of taxpayers money not think of looking at other recycling plants (like Queensbury, Sowerby Bridge, etc?)

I think not.

Because if they had we would have a recycling plant that does not hold you up or deter you from going.

The only thing the designers got right was you travel out a separate way.

I’ll stick to going to Queensbury (not much difference in travel). But I still get home quicker than going to Lee Bridge.

For once why don’t our council or Sita do their homework before wasting our hard-earned cash or maybe hand out these costly major decisions to our primary school children.

They seem to have more sense than those at the hub.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive, Halifax