New homes can boost economy

Regarding the letter in Yoursay Wednesday 14th September, Mr Quarmby devotes almost a quarter of a page to speculating on what the changes to the planning laws will do to the local countryside.

I assume he must either be or have been a planner as I doubt your normal readership would spend much time reading “Draft National Planning Policy Framework: Consultation or for that matter “Towards a more efficient use of Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainable Appraisal in Spatial Planning”.

As seems to be the norm these days, he adds in a good dose of scaremongering about your local parks and golf courses and even the possibility of a housing estate at Bolton Abbey. A bit far fetched you might think?

But then we get to the real problem with what Mr Quarmby has with this situation, profit. He appears to be very worried that the “unbelievably immense wealth of the exploiters” will increase and furthermore will be “even more astonishingly enormous” as time goes on.

What he spends no time on is the fact that there is a shortage of houses (several million in fact) and one of the obstacles to building the houses that are needed is the current planning system.

Now I am not a planner or a developer but I am a tax payer and I am aware that the economy relies heavily on the construction sector (who incidentally benefit as well as the developer) which has been struggling for the past three years and which currently has thousands of its workers unemployed.

Perhaps I could invite Mr Quarmby to give us some alternatives to the proposals rather than just objecting to them on the grounds that someone may make a profit, oh, and if he does, ask him not to include taxing the bankers (I am not one of those either).

Charles Moran

Lower Moor, Ripponden