New method gives voters more power

Longfellow Court


There sadly seems quite a lot of scaremongering and misinformation surrounding the new proposed Alternative Voting system. What it does is give all electorates the power to rank candidates when they vote, if they choose to do so. There is nothing to stop you just voting for one like you do at the moment.

The counting is also quite simple, and all votes are counted at every stage. So it’s still one vote per person. Here is a quick and easy explanation of how the count is done.

All the first choices are counted. Any candidate, who has more than half the votes, is elected. If not, the candidate with the least votes is excluded. The votes for that candidate are transferred to the next choices of his or her voters.

Any candidate, who has more than half the votes then, is elected. If not, the process is repeated until one candidate has more than half the votes in that round of counting.

People in Northern Ireland already vote this way. The Scots also vote this way in their local elections. They have no problems. Do “No” campaigners think that English and Welsh voters are less intelligent?

James Baker