Nick is leader on roundabout

Three wise monkeys . . . Vince Cable, Tim Farron and Nick Clegg
Three wise monkeys . . . Vince Cable, Tim Farron and Nick Clegg

Are you sitting comfortably? The magic roundabout is in full flow and your Ringmaster today is none other than the man who is leading our country in the right direction.

A big ovation please for yours and our leader Nick Clegg. So as we thought all along that Cleggy is in charge, and his twin, Call me Dave is only along for the ride (get it Magic roundabout).

Nick Clegg whose party won just 23% of the vote at the last election smugly declared the human rights act is here to stay. So it’s ok then for a foreign rapist who has served his sentence, cannot be deported because of the human rights regime.

Who would feel comfortable living next door to him? Perhaps Cleggy and his family would like to volunteer.

Next on the platform posturing Chris Huhne, a man who’s infidelity and ego knows no bounds.

He compared Conservatives to a mad cap tea party who are extremists in America, cutting taxes for the rich. This from a man classed as an entrepreneur and one of the richest men in Parliament. The energy companies are to blame but at the same time, forgetting to mention the cost of all the green hot air proposals.

Next that old laugh a minute Vince, ‘Get your Tin hats and flack jackets on, this is as bad as a war’ (perhaps a comforting thought). After Vince came that ginger rodent (according to Harriet) who pledged to employ 2000 new tax inspectors to ensure the super rich pay their proper returns. This from a man who was Press Officer for the Cairngorms before he became Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

That odd ball left wing President Tim Farron didn’t like his nasty government allies either and the two Lib Dem feminists Lynn Featherstone and Sarah Teather are an embarrassment to the female gender with their speeches. So there you have it, the Lib Dems are in charge and their friends the nasty Tories will have to smarten up their act to keep their places at the top table.

In Liverpool, the Red Ed baron and his high flyers take over our screens and tabloids.

Keep an eye out for the one Ed Balls, a man who can make debt ridden mole hills into debt ridden mountains. So part two is very interesting. Part three with blue peter and his crew bring these shenanigans to a close

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green