No buses to work - passengers told to Walk!

Grange Court


On Friday April 15, I was informed by drivers at First Bus (Hx) that several early morning buses from Southowram to Halifax were being stopped and that the first bus to Halifax was going to be at 0815. That results in our village losing out on five buses.

On Saturday April 16 I e-mailed WYPTA asking them why they were pulling buses off, explaining that there are at least 9 passengers every morning that get the 0605 to Halifax who all start at 0630, (even a First Bus inspector gets this bus). I also informed them that from 0700 school children going to various schools rely on these buses. It’s now Wednesday and still no reply to my e-mail.

Tuesday 19 I got in touch with WYPTA, asking them about the cuts and how people/passengers were to get to work, only to be told to WALK if need be!

So what are First going to do about this? Will they run buses on routes when they aren’t getting paid for it (I don’t think so), will they look after the passengers that use the buses every day (I don’t think so)? We see every day adverts asking us to use public transport. How can we when public transport won’t run to our needs?

Can we now put out a plea to Centre Bus and T J Walsh, will you run buses to Southowram/Halifax, you seem to be doing very well in the routes that First don’t run, can the village of Southowram rely on you providing us with buses?

John Holden