No more excuses for rioting criminals!

This last week I have stared at the television screen seeing the shameful, horrific and violent scenes of the riots.

We, have listened to the excuses from the perpetrator’s, the do-gooders, politicians and parents, we have also listened with horror to those poor victims of these dreadful crimes. We’ve all at some time or another gone through some trauma in our lives be it illness, death, job loss, being cash-strapped and much more and yet I don’t know anyone who has used these as their excuse to riot.

I feel strongly that a supportive family is one of the most important parts of our society.

I feel that I have been able to teach my family what is right and wrong in life and to learn respect for others.

Hopefully they practise what they learnt. I’m proud of them all and their families.

My thoughts are with the victims, the families of the hit & run, the pensioner who died, those who lost their homes and businesses lost through arson, NO MORE EXCUSES PLEASE.

Wendy Buxton

Ladstone Towers

Sowerby Bridge