Northgate for stores - Horton Street for buses

Moss Drive


Reading the interesting article by the Woolshops Shopping Manager, Jason Gregg, I agree that the town is impractical for modern shopping needs. This is long overdue and retailing space should be made available.

The ideal retail space would be where Northgate house and bus station are situated. Halifax requires a bus station like Huddersfield where all the buses are located in one area and not all over the town like Halifax.

The ideal location for a new bus station would be Horton Street. From Union Street downwards all this old property should be demolished. The new station would be close to the Piece Hall and Halifax railway station.

There would be no buses going the centre of Halifax and Market Street should be made a pedestrian area.

Buses going to Leeds/Bradford would leave the bus station, turn left at the traffic lights at the bottom of Horton Street, round the outskirts of the town. Huddersfield buses take same route but turn right.

Buses to King Cross/Sowerby Bridge etc, would go directly up Horton Street and past the Victoria.

All we need now is councillors with positive thinking to seek the money available and bring Halifax up to date and into the real world.

Food for thought – but surely a step in the right direction.

M Cahill