Now the Lib-Dem members will feel how the rest of us have for years - impotent!


Having read the whinging comments from two Lib Dem councillors, in last Friday’s Courier, complaining that now that the Labour team have effectively taken control of all council decision making, Calderdale residents will not be getting the best service, I would like to advise the two that Calderdale residents have not been getting anything like a decent service from the council since councilors started to be paid expenses.

Perhaps now the two councillors will appreciate how the rest of us feel – impotent - as we see our hard earned taxes frittered away on egotistical projects and have our wishes steamrollered over at every turn. Welcome to the real world councillors.
Of course there is nothing to stop them joining with the Tories and voting against every Labour proposal!
With regard to Bob Heys comments about UKIP, if UKIP do as well as the polls suggest in the next few elections and the Lib Dems pale into insignificance then perhaps he will wish he had joined UKIP.

Mike Cotton

Springwood Drive