Nuisance of dogs left alone

I was appalled to see in a directory a full page for people to take into their homes other people’s dogs, for financial reward, while the dog owners are away, as a business enterprise.

I’m unfortunate to live near to one of these inconsiderate businesses, operated by a self-employed person who is only at home in the evenings and conveniently when dog owners deliver and collect their dogs during the day. I suspect the dog owners don’t know that their dogs will be left alone for most of the day with other dogs causing a noise nuisance to neighbours.

These business operators don’t know about the barking, howling and crying by dogs not used to being left alone when they’re out at work. Even dogs scrapping can sometimes be heard.

I wonder if these businesses are registered or inspected by the RSPCA and if they have planning permission from residential to business use, given that it is a residential area where the noise is a nuisance.

I appeal to dog owners not to patronise these inconsiderate businesses as well as for the well-being of their pets.

C Sugden