On £45,000 a year and bringing country to its knees

After the fiasco of the granny tax dinner parties and pasties, let us now focus on the main issues which are about to hit every person of working class apart from our politicians and the good old union barons.

This issue is the vote of half of the tanker drivers struggling on £45k per annum who are about to bring the nation to its knees.

I criticise Cameron for his giving into the Lib Dems but this time, the man who shafted his brother for the Labour leadership is the main attraction in this latest union power struggle.

Two years ago I wrote in Your Say ’Be careful what you wish for’ at the TUC conference in Manchester where Brendan Barber was blaming Margaret Thatcher for the declining coal industry when the real villain at the time was Arthur Scargill.

Lurking in the background as usual was Bob Crow, militant leftie of RMT and hard line boss of Unite. Len McClusky did more damage with his strikes against BA to its own members than the airline itself. McClusky served his apprenticeship to a man who did more damage to Liverpool, namely Derek Hatton, than Hitler’s bombers.

Another official connected with Milliband is Unite official Diana Holland who’s other job is Treasurer of the Labour party. She is leading negotiations over the strike.

Let us not forget that the strikers and the general public will be the losers while the union barons will still be pocketing their £100k per annum, take home pay and all its perks. The main issue here is not Corporal Jones aka Francis Maude telling us to fill up our jerry cans and store them in the garage but the real face of the unions the man put there by McClusky, Ed Milliband the leader of the Labour party who continues to avoid the question ‘Do you condemn the strike?’.

We await the outcome with baited breath as we continue to buy our hot pasties from Greggs. I would like to bet that Balls, Reeves and Milliband who all posed for the photograph while accepting their sausage rolls did not pay for them.

However at least the picture is a true one, not like Call me Dave who’s love of Cornish pasties – remember he bought one from the train station in Leeds which sadly closed four years previously (sounds a bit dodgy!) but then dodgy is only par for the course for all of today’s politicians.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street, Holywell Green