One of Council’s best ideas for years

I write with the comments made in the Courier dated Monday October 2nd regarding disabled dog owners. Amanda Johnson states that her dog “chases the ball just like footballers who are forcing dog owners off the park”

I play football on a Sunday morning on Calder Holmes park and is our weekly task to remove dog muck from the playing area before every game.

The same problem occurs on Saturdays and Sundays and also for mid week evening matches. The junior teams also have this disgusting task to perform before every game.

I recall one occasion when we were putting the nets up, a dog owner allowing her dog to foul on the pitch and walking away. With shouts from the players to remove it the lady continued to walk off with her dog as if nothing had happened.

I have also witnessed on many occasion a player having to change their kit and wash their legs after they have slid in dog muck.

Ms Johnson says she always cleans up after her dog which I’m sure the majority of dog owners do. However it is the minority of dog owners which are letting respectable owners down.

I can honestly say that I think banning dogs from playing areas on parks is one of the best ideas the council has come up with in a long time, I’m sure that everybody associated with local sport accross Calderdale will agree from under 7s sides right the way through to open age.

Three teams use Calder Holmes park at a cost of £500 per season per team. Maybe some of the £1500 paid to the council could be used to set an alternative dog walking area up?

Joel Booth

Albert Street