Only given mediocre answers

Why don’t the Lab/Lib Consortium Councillors give the rate payers answers to their pertinent questions that they have been asking and being fobbed off with mediocre answers, are they afraid that they cannot back up what they do and let us know or are they afraid that they may not be Councillors come the next Council elections?

We the rate payers are entitled to have our questions answered especially now that we have the legal right to know by the Freedom of Information Act, or is the Council exempt from the law? First Question: Has Northgate House and The Library had fully documented estimates to make them available to carry out fit for purpose their current usage, if so let us see them and we the rate payers will have amongst us to decide whether you are being honest in what you say.
With regards to the sale of Northgate House and the Library ‘who will be paying for the demolition work, and how much will the Council get from the buyer for this site, as it is a prime site it should be in the hundreds of thousands and not £2. With regards to the firms who wish to purchase the site how many firms are there on the list or is there only one, if it is only one then I would object! The Council policy when I was dealing with contracts was that I had to maintain at least three quotes., It may have changed now but I hardly think so as it could be misconstrued as favouritism. Last but not least how much has been spent on four meetings, two lots of questionnaire forms and the Ipsos Mori questionnaire, what was the eventual outcome, at all the meetings where there was a vote by the public it was definite the library should stay where it is. 
The Ipsos Mori questionnaire I read in the paper they had received 5,000 I would imagine that some of them would be for the Library to stay where it is. 
And with regards to the petitions that have been taken there was a possible 19,000 in total, and it is my belief that the Lab/Lib Consortium will vote to move the Library no matter what the rate payers want, but they may change their minds but I will not hold my breath.

Stan Shaw

Sowerby Bridge