Opinion: It’s a triple whammy for our town

Yorkshire Bank, Elland.
Yorkshire Bank, Elland.

The town of Elland has been hit by a triple whammy during the last few days,as not only has the swimming pool been demolished,and no decision divulged as to the future use of the site, we now hear that the old Council Offices are earmarked for disposal, and the Yorkshire Bank is to close resulting in yet more empty buildings in the town.

At a time when supermarkets are examining their check out procedures, reverting to manned check outs because of losses sustained through pilfering and dishonesty by customers, the banks are embarking and travelling down the opposite route by closing over the counter banking, encouraging their customers to travel to other towns or subscribe to on-line banking, this at a time when fraud and money laundering is rife.

What a crazy world we live in when some proven procedures are abandoned and jobs lost to justify profit and bottom line balance sheets.

These decisions are seen as more nails into the coffin, contributing to the decline of Elland where voluntary groups are working hard trying hard to improve the situation.

The Banks bring a lot of people and money into the Town and should be encouraged by their customers to re-consider their action.

Joe Braithwaite

Chairman Elland & District Partnership

Rufford Road