Options exist to see your doctor

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May I reply to an anonymous letter in Yoursay regarding waiting times to see a doctor at a particular surgery.

There are various options open to be taken in such circumstances. If you suffer pain to any degree, any heart irregularity, blood loss for no apparent reason etc, ring the surgery explain your problem and ask for the doctor to call on his daily round - simple. 
You can ring NHS Direct, there are the usual procedures to follow but you will be visited within say one and a half hours and be assessed by someone qualified. If an acute distress then ring 999, the ambulance service, paramedics will arrive, assess you and take you hospital if necessary. 
If you are just worried of a condition which is bearable but getting worse then pop over to the A&E by taxi and let them sort you out. 
That is what you seem to have done in your case, if so just where is the problem? 
For complaints regarding GPs and their surgeries may I suggest that the next time you have cause to visit the surgery to see the doctor that, after consulting him on your present dilemma, you bring up the subject of waiting times to see him, face to face, in a civilised manner. 
You can also complain to the local Health Authority, complaints department or try to change to another doctor’s practice clinic. 
What you should not do is write an anonymous letter to your local paper with your complaint, that by implication could impact on any other patient on the doctor’s list who could have booked an appointment at around the same time that you did. 
The ending of your letter I find was completely farcical. 
May I quote you: ‘The reason why I did not put my name on my letter was because I did not want to chance being struck off his list.’ 
All I have to say to that is that after your tirade against the doctor and the surgery, if ever there was classical example of someone putting their complaint and then shooting themselves in the foot, this must be it.

J Goodaire