Our MP has a short memory


I am privy to a letter ( I presume a standard letter prepared to reply to everyone who wrote to Mrs Riordan regarding Early Day Motion 388) replied to a friend from and regarding the level of duty on fuel, in particular petrol and diesel.

All seems quite sensible until we reach the ninth paragraph where she says, “And, the constant hiking of fuel prices is insane especially at a time when the economy is weak, businesses are struggling and families are fighting to survive”. All emotional stuff but who is constantly hiking fuel prices? I know the oil companies have their own agenda but I thought their prices had been fairly stable this year, so far. 
Clearly she has a short memory. The last Labour Government “hiked” fuel duty no less than 12 times while in office. They also introduced the escalator which would have meant seven rises post the General Election in 2010. George Osborne has not actioned any of these meaning the price per litre is around 13P lower than it would have been had Alistair Darling’s proposals been carried out. Then the absolute classic of guttural socialist politics of the Halifax MP. She says, “That is why this Tory-led Government (notice the spittle) needs to scrap any fuel hikes….” Mrs Riordan, open your eyes … that is exactly what the government has done. It has terminated your party’s myopic business destroying tax hikes since coming to office! But as I have noted many times in my many years tackling socialism and its ideals, they never let a bit of truth get in the way of party politicking.

Councillor Roger Taylor (Con)