Ovenden road plan needs a rethink

Can the highways and engineering masterminds have a rethink about Ovenden Way travelling from top to bottom and vice versa?

If you’re unlucky enough to be behind a bus you have to wait until passengers get on or off because the bus obstructs the road.

There are bays with sufficient parking area for the bus to drop in and not obstruct parking for other vehicles.

This is very bad planning and I know the Council has had numerous complaints about this liberty they are taking but like before it’s ignored.

What if a fire engine, ambulance or police car had to go to an emergency, the buses would be obstructing them going through, putting people’s lives at risk.

Can they correct this before anything happens that they would be answerable for or will they ignore it and continue to put lives at risk and leave people struggling and having to wait through obstructions that obviously should not be there.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens