Parcel office needs a good sort out - or else move it!

Royal Mail sorting office, Gaol Lane, Halifax
Royal Mail sorting office, Gaol Lane, Halifax

Having read the comments of Mr Lister-Steele in Tuesday’s Your Say, I felt it required some comment.

I too have been subject to lengthy waiting times at the parcels collection counter, having first attempted to find a parking space. The last time I went to use the Parcels Collection facility the parking bay provided was full of cars, one even had its hazard warning lights flashing to cheer us all up.

On entering the building I too was faced with a queue nearly to the door of customers collecting items; each waving the red cards that had kindly been left by their postman. At least two, on reaching the counter, were asked for their proof of ID, as stipulated on the red card. “What proof of ID?” they asked, and were politely shown “what ID”, and just as politely refused their parcel.

A young lady waiting at the counter was asked “Is that your car parked below the disabled bays?”. Her affirmation was met by “Well there’s a traffic warden giving you a ticket!!!”. Her answer is unprintable, but understandable, because as she went out the car with the flashing lights was about to drive away - the occupant hadn’t been waiting to collect a parcel at all, just a friend, and had decided to use the near-empty Post Office bay for convenience. The wrong person was being issued with a parking ticket.

There are two or three relevant points here. One, only people collecting parcels from Gaol lane should be using the parking bay provided, not abusing it. Two, the queues would move more quickly, or be non-existent, if customers read the red card and did as was asked, by taking ID rather arguing to persuade the PO staff to let them have their packets. Three, rather than giving the Royal Mail Parcels Collection Office a red card for the queues being their fault they need complementing for their patience with some customers. Royal Mail Ltd may be looking into making the counter larger, as the number of parcels for delivery is increasing meaning a greater chance of some being undelivered when customers are out.

However, I must agree that, from experience, I know the room where Returned parcels are kept is not logically arranged or large enough, especially at peak times like Christmas. So perhaps Mr Lister-Steele may have some sort of point. Perhaps, the Delivery Office could do with a move to larger purpose built premises - there must be space down at Lowfields in Elland!!

L Forester