Parcel office needs sorting

I feel I must bring to your attention the outrageous situation outside the Parcel Collection Office in Gaol Lane.

It seems the local council don’t want us to collect our parcels! In the modern enviroment where increasingly people are out at work The post Office deliver less parcels than ever so the demand for the collection service is at a premium.

The Council have in response to this demand offered 3 parking places. You have to pay to park everywhere else when all you need to do is get your parcel and go.

Increasingly the Council have upped the Parking Officers in this area thus causing even more issues in this area, also increasing the Revenue that these officers can return.

When are these two large concerns getting their heads together to provide a office where we can attend stop for a short while (free) and pick up your parcel, also the Royal Mail need to offer a more up to date office as well to cope with demand, 3 or 4 attendants behind one small counter area is not ideal, Come on you to sort it out.

Mr C D Lister-Steele