Parent, teacher or child - I would be protesting too!


I am writing in support of the teachers’ protest against Michael Gove’s changes to the education system and teachers’ terms and conditions.

If I was the parent of a school-age child, I would not want them to be taught by unqualified staff, or subjected to an out-dated curriculum which emphasised rote learning of facts rather than understanding. 
If I was a teacher, I would not want to be pitted against my teaching colleagues for a differential amount of the school pay budget, the net result of which would be that there was less for someone else, and would feel demotivated and fed up with the constant denigration of my profession and judgement by the Secretary of State. If I was a child, I would despair at being constantly tested, at being judged only against an academic yardstick, and at the stress of my future being dependent on my performance at year-end memory examinations.
I am a rate and tax payer. I do not want these monies spent on so-called ‘free schools’ to the detriment of other local schools which have been set up on the basis of planned need, and to the detriment of that ‘critical mass’ of shared services which are more efficiently provided in this way.

Graham Heafford

Hebden Bridge