Park parking fees will hit families in pocket again!

Marldon Road


Yet again people are punished financially in Halifax.

I regularly go to Shibden Park with my two boys and dog for an hour or two – but no more.

Last week saw the introduction of parking charges – £2 per day on bank holidays and school holidays which I find unacceptable.

On an already tight budget, like many families, to go for a day, or just an hour at the park is ideal for cheap fun but to pay £2, effectively to go into a public park whose upkeep is paid for by Council Tax payers (which I am) is ridiculous.

Yes I know it’s only £2 but over the month this would end up costing me in the region of £20.

Looks like we will have to go and play in the woods – it’s free there you know !

Jayne Pugh